Last week, I worked on adding sysmboling link support to the attributed tree.

In the current version, If one wants to have a specific attribute in different places and branches of the tree, he has to duplicate the intervals for each copy of the attribute. However by having a mechanism for making symbolic links between attributes we can prevent the duplication.

In the new  version, we can have virtual attributes (sym-linked directories like shortcuts in windows) that just contains links to real attributes. With symbolic links, we can study each attributes in diffrenet ways. For example we can study a filename as an operand for a process operation (e.g. reading a file) or we can study all accesses to that file in a seperate folder. In the following example, "Filenames" folder is a shortcut that has symbolink link to all filename1 that are accessed by different processes.

\Processes\process 1\fd1\filename1


                 \process 1\fd2\filename1


                 \process 2\fd3\filename1



Also I worked on user inteface for new control flow of the system attributes.