All custom babeltrace patches are now merged upstream !

I apologize for those who already had cloned my repository but the changes were too big to just fix my repository so I had to rebase.

Now since there are no custom babeltrace patches anymore in this tree, maintaining and merging upstream patches will be easy and I won't need to rebase again !

The git tree is available here :;a=summary

The mmap patches are also upstream now, so my next step is to port the live tracing feature into this new codebase. Once I have figured out a clean and reliable algorithm to synchronize the snapshots on SMP and I'm satisfied with the output, I will start working on a view for syscalls statistics since they are now officially working in LTTng 2.0.

Once this work is done, I will make an official pre-release.

In the same time I'm also starting to work on my thesis.