Long time no see!

Having my thesis redaction on hold, for the past week, I've worked on implementing the support for lttng-ust 2.0 into lttng-tools. Skipping the details of complex data structure and chasing racy bugs, UST tracing is now working with the basic execution flow:

$ lttng create s1

$ lttng enable-channel chan1 -u

$ lttng enable-event <event_name_in_code> -u -c chan1

$ lttng start

$ lttng stop

and with babeltrace it is readable.

Note that we can also enable channels and events before tracing has begun or the application has even register. The "-u" flag is the UST global domain meaning that every command pass to this domain will affect all applications for a tracing session.

Work is ongoing to stabilize and add features to lttng-ust support.

A huge thanks to the Ericsson's guys reporting a lot of issues and for Mathieu Desnoyers to fix them in a time span of [0, 5[ minutes :)